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Restore your balance with ABSTINENCE Non-Alc Spirits

Changing drinking habits starts with making better choices. Better choices can be made if the products don’t compromise on liquid excellence. There are no cutting corners when it comes to producing quality products, and the same holds when producing every bottle of ABSTINENCE non-alcoholic spirit or Aperitif.

ABSTINENCE is South Africa’s first and leading non-alcoholic range brand covering all key occasions, underpinned by a clear purpose of helping preserve and restore the Cape Floral Kingdom. The range currently comprises of two aperitifs and four spirits.

ABSTINENCE uses the finest ingredients and botanicals from the beautifully diverse Cape Floral Kingdom, the smallest yet most diverse floral kingdom in the world. The indigenous Rose Geranium, Buchu, Honeybush, African Wormwood, Aloe and Helichrysum Petiolare "Impepho". are all part of our product mix, accompanied by a range of complimentary botanicals and spices.

Africa to Asia Ltd is the exclusive distributor of Abstinence Premium Distilled Non Alcoholic Spirits in the S.A.R.